Sudoku: my favorite puzzle

This japanese game with funny name is one of my favorites puzzles. In the Sudoku, the objective is allocate the digits from 1 to 9 into squares so that all appear and no repeat in: (1) one full horizontal line, (2) one full vertical line and (3) each one of nine squares of 3x3 that have the bold borders.

I like so much that I have an old Sudoku magazine that I carry in trips and when I need to go at places where necessarily I have to wait, like banks and notary's office. Despite so worn, it have yet hundreds of challenges to complete.

My Sudoku magazine

Once my brother bought for him an LG very simple that had Sudoku among its games. Almost I bought an equal apparel just for this, but it was discontinued and I gave up. I don't use tablet or smartphone, so I move on with my old magazine.

» Play Sudoku online

I must confess: when I'm in the web usually I want to do things very different than to play Sudoku. But, when I feel disposal, my favorites are:

Zebra Sudoku on Facebook ★★★★★
It's a beautiful game, have a nice interface, motivators sounds. You can see the points of your friends and challenge them. It's one of the bests, no doubt.
Sudoku Quest on Facebook ★★★★★
It start with smaller versions of 4 numbers and will go upping levels until the typical Sudoku, with 9 digits. Very nice to newbie.
Sudoku Puzzles on Google Plus ★★★☆☆
It shows your friends points, but it's reset everything every week. I don't like this.
SudokuSource: Wikipédia
Sudoku on Miniclip ★★★☆☆
Play listening birds sounds.
For anyone who prefers a simple interface.
Sudoku on GamesGames
Directory with various games.
Sudoku on Game House
Directory with various games.

» Download

» The hardest Sudoku of the world:

» Know more about Sudoku

Have fun if you can!

I'm brazilian and this is a translate exercise. Original here.

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