domingo, maio 24, 2015

Sunday Reading #9 Leitura de Domingo

We love lists!
  1. 7 Behaviors Most People Think Are Negative That Are Actually Healthy - The Mind Unleashed
  2. 11 Things to Remember If You Love a Writer - Lifehack
  3. Practice a Little Bit Every Day - 3 steps - Be More With Less
  4. Are you making good decisions? - 3 key elements - No Sidebar
  5. 29 Food Rules We Can Learn From The French - Mind Body Green
  6. A list of reasons why our brains love lists - The New Yorker
  7. Don’t be impressed with busy-ness. Be impressed with intention. - Slow Your Homme
Em português:
  1. 5 considerações sobre propósito de vida - Nowmastê
  2. Os 10 mandamentos da prosperidade - Dinheirama
  3. Menos pode significar mais qualidade - Vuou
  4. Grande Chacris - Vuou

Boa leitura! Bom domingo!

Foto: Getty Images

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